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Whidbey Island is my family's home and has been for five generations. I graduated from Langley High, tried college, joined the Navy, and toured Asia for four years. From there, I moved to Santa Monica, CA, became a corporate pilot, and then flew for United Airlines for a short time, until the first oil crisis.

I decided to move to the West Indies and start my own charter flying service. After five years flying, lobster fishing, and serving as the first CEO of the Caribbean Merchant Bank, it was time to repatriate myself. Whidbey Island was where we wanted to raise our daughter Stephanie, so we moved back to Whidbey Island. I and my wife Stephanie have owned Dalton Realty for over 42 years. We love helping our clients achieve their goals.

Whidbey Island is our home, our friends and neighbors are the best, and it's where we want to be. If you want to become an islander because you feel the same way, or if it's time for you to pull up stakes, give us a call! We can help.